Videos Are The Fastest Growing Website Feature For Small Businesses

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I see videos as a mega-trend – Mark Zuckerberg

If you haven’t taken a closer look at the power of social media and video together, you’re in for a surprise. The numbers are enormous, and that is considered an understatement. Video marketing is a mega-trend, increasing in popularity by the year (if not the second)! It versatile and an engaging content format that gives us a clear visual, and can be shared across all platforms!

According to a new report, small business advertisers spent more than twice as much on paid search and nearly 4 times as many of time reported having video on their website vs. a year ago.

Moreover, video boosts conversions and sales up to 80%. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently brought it. It also, encourages social shares, builds trust and appeals to mobile users.



As it commonly known, Facebook continues to be the largest social media network with over 2.07 billion monthly active users. That’s more than 1/3 of the entire population, meaning a lot of people to say the least.

Around 100 million hours of videos are watched every day on Facebook. But just posting a video isn’t going to cut it. A small business especially needs to experiment with a range of strategies to identify what works for themselves and their intended target audience. Set goals and track your performance.

Tips: 85% of videos are viewed with the volume off, so graphics are highly significant. Also, add a featured video to introduce your brand and make sure that you have a call to action.



As Forbes stated, Instagram is the top social platform for engagement due to its unwavering success down to its highly visual nature and simplicity that’s great for all devices. Of the 41% of marketers who have used Instagram video, 78% found it to be an effective strategy!

Individuals are often in the mindset of being open to discovery, where it’s recommended (especially for a small business) that the interest of users makes effective targeting signals for ads – so something creative. While individuals love playful moments, putting in a little story (even humour) can get big results!

Tips: Keep it simple (reduce words) and maintain focus by being clear on a specific idea. Another thing is that Instagram tends to be a very visual platform, so a theme could definitely be a follower-booster and sets you apart from the rest.



Video tweets are six times more likely to be retweeted than photo tweets. Individuals are proven to be more responsive to videos in their social feeds.

Tips: Engage your audience within the first three seconds, and add words for more engagement.

Overall, videos communicates more in sight and feelings more than what words can express alone. Instead of expecting consumers to read your posts, videos are able to efficiently track your results, are great for every occasion and can engage all audiences!


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