Stop Buying Fake Likes, Do This Instead (it’s cheaper & they’re real people!)

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Fake Facebook likes are bad. Learn how to get as many REAL Facebook Fans as You Want Using Facebook’s own tools.


Having fake Facebook likes are like getting your favorite shirt dirty and never being able to wash it off

Fake followers do nothing for your Facebook page but destroy your engagement to follower ratio. This means unless you can attain 10x more real followers than the fake ones you have bought, your reach on Facebook will always be super low. 



Fake followers = Poor Engagement

The Importance of Likes On Facebook

Having likes on your page is an important element to social proofing your page. Especially when we live in a time where people spend more time researching on social media than they spend on your website.


When starting out, getting people other than your friends or family to like your Facebook page can be as painful as pulling teeth:


  • You’ve done boost ads, but no one is liking the page
  • You’ve tried promoting your page with the promotion feature and yet nothing…


The only downside is, if you’re a small business in a single location you’re not going to get relevant likes BUT you will have real people liking your posts, commenting and sharing all of which will boost your quality score and your reach regardless. Which is key to running any successful Facebook campaign.


If people like your posts, you will draw in new customers. That is Law.


The best part is, you can choose how many new likes you want with this method. If you want 300 likes, go for it. You want 2k likes GO FOR IT!


If you’re creating a website or a blog and you want to drive traffic to your website, this method is perfect… because they are REAL PEOPLE.


What to expect:

I created a niche Facebook page around Spirituality and received 4,329 Likes @ $0.02AUD ($0.01USD) – total cost $67.72AUD ($43.50USD) REAL PEOPLE who are interested and click through to read my articles. (I have a screen shot on the last step of this guide for your reference)

Recommendation: As a marketer, a small business should have 300-700 likes for legitimacy. If you’re an information website, e-commerce (or anything other than a small business), your choice how many likes you would like.

Now here is an example of a site that sells fake likes to a Facebook Page: $197 USD for 4k fake followers…. Not good, and people actually pay. (It says real…they’re not real)


How To Get FB Likes:


Okay now it’s time to show you how to get likes to your page, it’s simple, just follow the step by step:

Step 1: We’re going to create a like ad

Step 2: We’re going to create the “Audience” (THIS PART IS KEY)

Step 3: We’re going to select the budget (ALSO KEY)

Step 4: We’re going to create the Ad

Step 5: We’re going to go live and control the amount of likes we want.


Step 1: Jump into Facebook’s Ad Manger tool.

If you’re new to Facebook and have never used Ad Manager before that’s okay, just follow these step-by-step.

Click on the settings button (looks like a small triangle)

On the drop down: Click “Manage Ads”

Click on your Ad account (All Facebook accounts come with ad account)

Click “Create”

Click on “Engagement”

Click “Page Likes” and name your campaign. The click “Continue”.


Step 2: Now it’s time to create an audience. This is where it counts.


  1. Select your page
  2. When creating your audience Select “Asia” region. The cost per like in Asia is an all-time low. I get Likes for $0.01
  3. Select specific interests related to your business/ Facebook Page. If your business is about beauty, choose 4-10 interests related to beauty. If you’re a blog/ information website such as Anime and cosplay pick 4-10 interests related to cosplay and anime.


4. Make sure Automatic placements are selected

5. Budgets & Schedule: Click “Show Advanced Options” (this section is vital to get the lowest cost per like)

  • “When you get charged” – Set to Page like
  • Tick Set a “Bid Cap”
  • Change Bid Cap to 1.72


  • Don’t worry about bid cap being too high, this just ensures your ads shown more against the competition. YOU WILL NEVER PAY 1.72 per click.
  • Where it says you’ll spend no more than $175 per week. This is just your cap (YOU WILL NEVER SPEND 175 per week; Facebook doesn’t have enough impressions in Asia to secure a spend of 175.
  • Don’t worry about an end date, because you will be turning off your ad manually

6. Click Continue



Step 4: Make your Like Ad


  • Select any image related to your brand (does not have to be perfect because in Asian, users use social media differently to western countries, users will literally “Like” anything.
  • Write a small caption ending with a call to action for example: “Breakfast of champions, like us if you like burgers”
  • Click “Confirm”­


Step 5: When Ready, Turning your Like Ad off.


In this phase it can take up to 1-3 hours for Facebook to approve your new ad. Once it has been approved it will start generating new likes like crazy. I mean like 50-300 likes in an hour. So you should keep an eye on your ad manager and turn off the ad when you’ve had enough likes to the page.


To turn off a campaign just tick the blue to grey. Your campaign will say active or inactive.


Note: When your campaign is on, be sure to refresh the page to see the updated likes to the page. I once forgot to turn the ad off and got 500+ likes in 2 hours (by accident, I only wanted 50-100).


If you’re new with ad manager be sure to set your date range to “Life Time” So you can see your results in real time.


Again as a marketer, a small business should have 300-700 likes.

If you’re an information website, e-commerce (or anything other than a small business), your choice how many likes you would like.

I created a niche Facebook page around Spirituality and received 4,329 Likes @ $0.02AUD ($0.01USD) – total cost $67.72AUD ($43.50USD) REAL PEOPLE who are interested and click through to read my articles.

Still 23% of the price of buying fake likes.



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