Step-to-Step Guide On Choosing the Right Influencers for Your Brand

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Whether your business is selling a service or a product – a recommendation from the right influencer could potentially boost your sales and have more of an impact on your brand than your most engaging content post/video.

However, there is a large niche of digital influencers – so mistakes are extremely easy to make! If you use the wrong words or accidentally offend someone, then your brand could be harmed. Why is this the case? Well, it turns out that average individuals (like you and me) trust the judgment of our favourite influencers just as much as the recommendations and opinions from our family and friends.

These new influencers are powerful, especially with the niche-based content on a specialised area that they produce. Businesses could use this to their advantage by endorsing an influencer that is segmented to reach specific consumers that is relevant to the company.

Finding an Influencer + How to Research Them

If you have a larger business, then influencers with a following of more than 10,000 are for you. Otherwise, for small-medium companies – micro influencers with 1,000 – 10,000 are the way to go.

  • HASHTAGS – Whatever your brand is selling, whether it’s a product or a service – it is more likely than the content that you post on Instagram involves hashtags. If not, then get on it right now! Well, click on the individual hashtags and see what influencers are also interested in that niche.
  • YOUR FOLLOWERS – Use your followers to your advantage. Meaning that – find an individual that already follows your brand and has a large following, which evidently makes it easier for them to promote your brand!

Here are questions that you should ask yourself when finalising your influencer:

  • Do they regularly post? And, how much engagement do they get per post?
  • Do their recent posts fall under the same niche as yours?
  • Do you share the same target market?
  • How will you compensate them?

Tips on Choosing the Right Influencer

But, choosing the right influencer is a feat! You can’t just pick one from the number of followers that they have, or the likes that they receive. Here are tips to choose the right influencer:

  1. Define Your Objective – Identify your business goals before you start and see if that aligns with the influencers’ marketing strengths.

For example, if one of your brand’s goals is to gain more visibility – then find an influencer whose strengths lies in directly engaging with their audience and has a high level of trust with their followers.

  1. Engagement – this is significant in choosing whether or not, the influencer is right for you! Evidently, engagement shows how interactive a blogger’s audience is with the content.
  2. Reach – Make sure that your chosen influencer has unique visitors that consists of your brand’s target audience.
  3. Frequency – As proven before, it takes MULTIPLE exposures to get a potential consumer to check out your site, and if lucky – purchase something. Moreover, if the potential consumer does become increasingly interested – they are more likely to spread the word around! Hence, your business needs to ensure that the influencer is posting high-quality content regularly – gaining more visibility for your brand.
  4. Authenticity – Don’t choose an influencer that has sponsors on their EVERY POST. Find something with a smaller ratio of sponsored content, meaning that they are more authentic.

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