How To Use Pinterest For Your Business: A Short Guide

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#DidYouKnow: Pinterest was the fastest growing social network in 2014, growing by a whopping 97%.

It’s growing like mad and the engagement rates aren’t something that your business should ignore. Evidently, this social media platform has the platform to increase traffic and revenue for your business!

And most importantly, the content that you post has a longer shelf life on Pinterest. What does this mean? It means that your best content will continuously be popping up even after a few months after it was posted. This essentially means that your content ‘never goes out of style’.

If you compare this to the fast-paced nature of Facebook or Twitter where posts are extremely hard to gain visibility especially without the implementation of ads – Pinterest is an easier and cheaper way to gain brand awareness and traffic with half the effort. Most businesses’ mistake lies in underestimating the value of Pinterest and what it can bring to the table!

There is always the general assumptions made by Pinterest that continues to be circulating the web – like only females use it or that it’s useless considering that “Pinterest isn’t considered a big social network”. But, that is completely false! According to Marketing Land, “Pinterest has reached a new milestone, now reporting more than 250 million monthly active users.” Hence, every business can gain a captive audience with the right visual content.

Businesses should definitely be aware of the visual aspect of Pinterest. Majority of the users are drawn by the snappy captions or the amount of emojis – but the image itself. Infographic or posters are definitely popular as it is both visually compelling whilst being informative! You get the best of both worlds.

But, why Pinterest?

This social media network will essentially introduce your business to a whole new and diverse audience. All traffic is good traffic – right? With Pinterest, your business can have increased awareness and traffic, new leads and increased sales!

Let’s get started! Make your that your profile is a BUSINESS profile and that it’s verified! You need to get yourself familiarise with Pinterest, as it has a language on its own.

  1. Boards – These are like categories of content. Whatever you’re business is selling – put your products and services in categories for Pinterest, making it easier for both you and potential customers! Being organised can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and can attract more users!
  2. Pin – An image that you can add a board too, but link it to an external webpage too. Hence, it is vital that your images are of the top quality as it will be the first thing that viewers will see. If they are drawn by your image, you have exposed your business to a potential customer.

Time to Set Up Your Pinterest Boards

It’s recommended that you start with 10 boards. However, Pinterest is about optimisation! Boards are searchable, making that the keywords that you are using will potentially generate more traffic. Also, write compelling descriptions of your boards to keep the viewers more engaged.

Find & Pin Content

Like with any of the other social media networks, consistency is key! The most important rule! Hence, if you start Pinterest – don’t expect results straight away. You need to be consistent and share your own content to the viewers, but also want to make it a point to share other people’s content too!

A Few More Tips

  • Share that your business has a Pinterest account on all of your other social media accounts!
  • Write a blog post on Pinterest and link it with a call-to-action.

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