The Ultimate Checklist For Setting Up A #BANGIN’ Facebook Page For Business!

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One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is to setup your Facebook page that screams, “I am an industry leader!”.


“Sell The Sizzle, Not The Sausage!”

Why is setting up your Facebook page important?

  • 83% of people use social media to research a brand or a service before they purchase.
  • 76% of all purchase decisions are subjected to social influence.
  • 72% of people who follow a brand are more likely to recommend or purchase from that brand (you could be that brand!)

These are all great social media statistics right?

But what if your page is completely unmanaged, looks ugly, has stock photos and pixelated images plastered all over it. Would you expect a potential customer to purchase from your brand… probably not. IF anything, a subpar Facebook page is damaging your brand’s/business’s image. If I personally was to do research and I come across a FB page that was “ugly-looking” – I would choose a competitor that ‘looked like’ they knew what they were doing.

But not to worry, I’m here to help! So let’s get into it:


How To Setup Your Facebook Page

1. Your Facebook Profile Picture (Basics):

The first thing when a user sees when searching your brand is your profile picture, so it’s important for it to stand out. Now you have a number of options to make this pop and standout.

Most common profile picture, is to use your logo, on a clear white background, which is great, no fuss and straight to the point. Or you can take it to the next level and make your profile picture tie in with your cover photo through matching colours or connecting images.

When uploading your profile picture, just make sure it’s not pixellated and that it’s centred, nothing looks worse than a sloppy profile picture.

Recommend dimensions: 500px x 500px.


2. Your Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is the crux of your setup. You have the option to create a video cover photo like ours in the below or you can create a really nice static cover photo. Now, not everyone is a photoshop wiz or has professional graphic designer under their belt, but that’s okay. I’ll show you how to get an amazing cover photo, for as little as $10!



If you don’t have a graphic designer at hand and you want a banging looking Facebook cover photo, here’s what you can do; head over to Graphic River and find yourself a Facebook cover photo template: purchase a template that really resonates with you and what your business is all about for about $5 (they have 1,000’s of templates for you to choose from).

Now at this point, you probably don’t have Photoshop to edit the cover photo, but thats okay, you don’t need it, head over to, search for a graphic designer or type in “Photoshop” in the web search. Then simply select a contractor to update your template (anyone with great reviews will do) for only $5, and in 3 days… you will have a brand new, sexy looking cover photo!

If you want a sexy video cover photo made, repeat this same process, however using a different site: Here you can search millions of video templates and have someone on Fiverr put it together for you. When on Fiverr, just search: After Effects and select a contractor with great reviews.

Notes: If you want to attempt at updating the template yourself, go for it, it’s super easy and has detailed instructions, however…. why spend 2 hours of your time doing something when you can outsource for $5? Also make sure you have your logo, and any images you wish to be in your cover photo/ video ready for the graphic designer to use in your template.

Videos tend to be a little more expensive, just because the amount of time spent putting them together, so you could be paying roughly $30 for the video template, then another $30 for the contractor to complete the actual work.


3. Verify  Your Facebook Page

When you verify your page, Facebook assigns a grey tick to your profile page to show all users that your page is legitimate. Why is this a great thing? Verified pages rank higher in Facebook search engines, increased reach as your page is trusted by Facebook, it deletes all other location or duplicate pages with the same location and can help you with higher conversions as your page becomes trusted by Facebook and sets you apart from your competitors.

To verify your page all you need to do is:

  1. Go to your settings page
  2. In the ‘General’ tab under Page Verification click ‘edit’.
  3. Click Verify This Page
  4. It will give you an option to call the number associated with the Facebook Page (you will have to input this yourself), if you put in a different number to whats on the FB page, it will call you out on it.
  5. You will receive a phone call with a Verification Code 
  6. Input the verification code
  7. BAM You’re verified.
  8. If the call fails, you have the option to upload business documents for example, a utility bill, your document of business registration or something similar. Your business document must have the name of your business (must be the same as the name on your FB Page).
  9. Upload your document
  10. Within a week, your page will be verified as someone has to manually cross reference your verification.



4. Fill Out Your Service Section

If your business has services, make sure you fill out this section in full. Facebook gives you the option to Title your service, write a short description, upload an image and the optional price tag. Be sure to use an attractive image to really highlight your service, and if you can use a gif, it will really make your service section Pop! (see below example).

So why do I recommend you filling out a service section? The less the user has to do when they land on the page the better! If your potential customer lands on your FB page and are then promoted to visit your website to find out more, you will get a drop off of people interested in your product or service. Social Media makes people lazy…




5. Fill Out Your About Us Section + About Us Banner

This section is a no brainer, but you have no idea how many of our clients have never even bothered to fill out this section. Make you sure to fill out this part completely with as much detail as possible: opening hours, web address, number, email, page username and a brief description about your business or brand and about us cover image.

If you leave this part out, not only does a potential customer not have enough information about your services and who you are as a company, it questions your credibility as a legitimate business.



6.  Setup Your Facebook shop

Does your business have an E-commerce store or sell physical products? If you do, you should definitely setup your Facebook Shop immediately. This Facebook feature is awesome because you have the opportunity to drive your Facebook traffic and users to a section on your Facebook page with a detailed product list and prices, with the option of directing users to a checkout page. Or if you don’t have an ecommerce store you can set your Facebook Shop to include a “Message to purchase” option. How good is that!

It is a great way to showcase your products and drive more traffic to other products and did you know, it lets you tag products in your posts! Overall, it makes your business and your FB page look extremely professional and really adds to your digital credibility. (see below example)

So recap:

  • A Facebook Shop looks awesome
  • Drives more traffic & sales
  • Show cases your products
  • Essentially helps you sell your products 24 hours a day even if your physical shop is closed

If this article has been helpful or if you have any questions, please comment and share!

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