How to get that MONEY shot on social media (FASHION)

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Always wondered how those Insta-famous people snap photos all day long make a living? What if we tell you that those people make good $$$ every post they publish?

Read on as we explain fascinating things about all things fashion & how to take that shot that will rack in some CHA-CHING! From behind the scenes to picture perfect images for an exponential grows of social media followings WITHOUT having your own personal photographer!

We all know photography is everything when it comes to blogging, because the images basically say a 1000 words! The personality & vibe from a well-known user comes through with their aesthetic so what you post online is the way the online audience perceives you. All the images you post are vital selling points when collaborating or working with brands, especially if they’re offering some big bucks! Although having that picture-perfect moment is not budget friendly, at all, here are a few simple ways to get HD, professional photoshoot vibe without breaking the bank!


  • Forget the DSLR that costs an arm & a leg, your iPhone works perfectly fine! With the help of good lighting & editing apps, you can have people guessing what you took those images from!
  • If possible, use natural lighting, it’s the best for phones
  • #TIP: For that outfit post, stand in the shade against a wall with the sun out of your eyes, because let’s be real… nobody wants to see you squint!

Becoming a one-man band with it comes to your socials!

  • Be your own creative director! Test out different angles & see how the lighting is
  • Don’t be embarrassed, use a self-timer or remote! We know it sounds crazy but it works! You got to do what you gotta do for the perfect shot!
  • #TIP: If you’re using a remote, you can Photoshop the remote to look like a pair of keys!

Soooo, who even needs a professional photographer that will probably tell you to pose certain ways, it’s YOUR social page, YOUR vision, don’t let anything tell you otherwise!

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