How To Create A Flatlay and Get Paid In The Process

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Are you guilty of scrolling through Instagram, hopelessly trying to find inspiration for future content and designs? Do you spend all day trying to try to craft the perfect post? Well, you’re in luck. You can create and style social media posts, like flatlay all day long and get paid in the process.

Even heard of flatlays?

Flatlays is an exceptional storytelling tool, telling their audience (clients) about their company’s culture and products in an aesthetically pleasing way! It is a photo that includes several products laid flat next to each other that are all related in the same way (categories-wise or colour-scheme).

These photos are usually associated with fashion or beauty accounts, but any company is able to adopt it – especially if the business sells small-medium products. It works well with food companies with different ingredients or technology companies with their appliances. There is essentially an endless range of options and ideas for flatlays.

Tips on Creating a Flatlay

  • Use A Basic Background – simplistic and minimalistic background are your best shot, as it complements the featured products being more prominent and doesn’t distract your viewers from the main highlight.
  • Theme – this is a must! Your flatlay should tell a story about your brand through the use of a particular theme and colour palette. For example, if your logo is pink – make your flatlays based around hints of pink so your brand will always be connected to your photography.

For more example:

By creating flatlays, you increase your followers, maintain a high engagement and drive sales by earning money through:


Sell your flatlays as stock photos. Ever looked for great photos and stumbled upon an excellent photo, but realised it was a stock photo? Yes, it all happens to us! However, turn the tables around and create a stock image yourself!

Selling your photography will earn you some money, potentially up to hundreds of dollars per download – definitely depending on the level of quality and popularity that your image produces. Hence, list your photos across multiple platforms to further increase your exposure.

  • Print Your Creation!

Want to expand your business and take a step further? There are different websites that allow you to print your photos on particularly anything! If your audience loves your photography, then they are more likely willing to purchase it as a decoration to their home or office. This evidently allows you to earn money as well as keep designing.



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