How The World-Record-Egg Dominated Social Media For An Important Cause

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Viral Instagram Egg Cracks to Signify the Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Whether you like them scrambled or hard-boiled, there is no denying the popularity of a world-record-egg! It is such a touching story, as a sweet egg could unite humanity over the number of likes.

Last month, a picture of an egg surpassed Kylie Jenner’s most liked photo on Instagram. The egg grew a staggering amount of visibility; however, the account revealed a deeper meaning than the simple picture of an egg. It started an all-consuming conversation on mental health, sharing and promoting how individuals can literally “crack” under pressure. The account directs its audience to, which lists international mental health resources by country.

 Mental health is a topic that is well deserving of the spotlight, even if it took an egg to bring it to your attention – NYLON

The post became a platform and advocate for all those struggling with a mental illness, but don’t know what the next step is. The importance of seeking help when you’re having a difficult time has increasingly become more prominent as the egg cracks after each post.

This viral sensation continues to use its popularity and attention to spread only positive messages, starting with the most important subject of all – mental health. Moreover, this is a brilliant example of a page using its name for a significant cause and a greater outcome.

Essentially, what started off as a ploy to outrun the most-liked Instagram post by Kylie Jenner and her newborn daughter turned into a perfect example of brand awareness! A bunch of individuals turned an egg (a simple food that majority consumes) and changed it into a brand name and symbol. Now, when you think of eggs – you either think of eating them or that Instagram page! What a brilliant idea!

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