How Social Media Changed The World of Beauty!

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Michelle Phan went from a built-in MacBook & free editing program to Forbes 30 under 30!

Within the online realm of the ‘beautysphere’, Beauty Gurus are listed as one of the most influential people, eclipsing A-Listers like Katy Perry & Selena Gomez. Entrepreneur Michelle Phan is an OG YouTuberwhere she filmed and posted her first video in 2007. Within a day, she received over 10,000 views & surpassed 40,000 views by the end of the week!



A few years later, the self-taught makeup artist was approached by companies such as Lancôme, where she would feature her favourite beauty products in her videos and being her influential self, from lipsticks to mascara to face masks, all the products she raved about would fly off the shelves like hot cakes! Michelle has now written multiple books, successfully launched a beauty subscription service (Ipsy) as well as her own make up line (EM Cosmetics).

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Michelle, it was all thanks to the social-media platforms like YouTube, Instagram & Facebook which has turned the beauty industry from being a niche & elitist industry to a more inclusive space! She was just an ordinary college girl when she filmed her first YouTube video, not knowing that her life would change from that day… Phan states, “I believe the internet has widened the marketplace for the beauty and fashion space…We are living in an era where people want to share, so of course there will be a growing need for more diversity and ideas.”

Today, social media’s relatability is one of the key reason mediums like YouTube & Instagram have skyrocketed within the beauty world. For consumers, people prefer the honest opinions of beauty bloggers ‘raving’ about their favourite products on social media as it feels more genuine compared to a million-dollar ad campaign created by giant cosmetics brands! Within the beauty world, it’s all about real and honest endorsement, where false advertisements are often looked past (we know one when we see it!). YouTube isn’t just about selling and making $$$, it also portrays educational qualities for aspiring makeup artists who have limited resources. Although many ad campaigns made by beauty bloggers are paid, most of the claim to only express their honest opinion as they prefer to develop a trusting relationship with their fans!


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