5 Video Techniques for a Limited Budget

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When there’s a choice between reading a blog or watching a video – often times the answer is simple when it comes to the consumers’ preference – videos! However, if your business focuses too much of its efforts on video marketing, then the expenses can drastically increase in a short amount of time.

As technology continues to be developed, marketing tools continue to be more accessible to businesses and it allows creating videos easier! If you do your video right, a ‘cheap’ production video could potentially be mistaken for a polished and professional video. In short, making a great marketing video is completely within your budget if you’re willing to get creative and invest time.

  1. PLAN

Instead of letting your enthusiasm get in the way, you need to execute your ideas and have a vision of the end goal for your video. By planning, you’re essentially avoiding wasted time and saving money.

Yes, a video should definitely be made to educate and inform your targeted audience and result in either potential clients, sales or engagement – but your business needs to dive a bit further than that! Find the purpose of your video, write a script, ask for advice!

  1. Don’t buy. Instead, Rent!

Video equipment is highly expensive and can result in a waste of money if it isn’t professionally used. Hence, rental companies that offer reasonable and affordable prices saving you both money and time. The focus should definitely be on the lighting and the mics, as they will enhance the quality of your firm.

If the camera is still too expensive, a great phone is also the way to go.

“If you have a smartphone, there is a video-quality camera in your pocket”

Either an iPhone or Samsung or any latest smartphone (make sure that you have a tripod for the phone!) provide enough quality to shoot a film that looks aesthetic and professional. However, with the phones – lighting is essential. You need to be able to find ‘great’ lighting in whatever environment that you’re situated in.

  1. DIY

Save money by simply doing it yourself by creating a script or storyboard yourself or have a meeting with your marketing team and set roles to further help your videos. Luckily for your business, marketing videos are more often than not – short.

There is numerous FREE editing software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie that works just as well as that expensive software that the major companies use. That free software is both easy to use and user-friendly. If you’re a beginner, there is always Youtube tutorials that you can turn too.

Along with the free editing software that are there for your deposal, there are also FREE locations; it doesn’t cost a dime to film outside. When making a video, don’t think ‘film set’ – think ‘location’! Find a location that has a wonderful backdrop with minimum interruptions, but make sure that you check the policies of the place before filming – like security details.

  1. Music

Never forget the background music to make your video seems more professional. Luckily for you, free software also has free music that you can choose from as well! Choose your music very wisely considering it sets the moods!

  1. Search Volume

Your title can potentially mean more than your video. Creating an amazing and informative video is one thing, but if your intended audience cannot see it – there really isn’t a point to it.

Go to ‘AdWorks Keyword Planner’ and it lists the volume of searches for your keywords on Google. Hence, type in a few (10-20) keywords that you will use in your video, and create video content that receives more than 1,000 searches per month based on your keywords.

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